Our Process, In A Nutshell…

  1. Fill out our start form
  2. Give us a deposit (50% and we take all cash, checks, e-checks, credit cards and if you really want to pay with bitcoin because you are cooler than us…we’ll take that too!)
  3. Fill out our intake form and give us all the client’s images, logos and content
  4. We’ll design the site
  5. You and your client will approve it or request changes and this will repeat until everyone is happy
  6. We’ll build out the approved design
  7. You and your client will review and submit the first round of changes
  8. We’ll make the changes
  9. You and your client will review and submit the second round of changes. All changes must be in for this round. Any additional rounds of changes (for client requested items, not things we goofed on) will incur a 10% fee per round or they can wait until launch. This benefits you because it will speed up the project for all of us. Absolutely minor changes (like typos and phone numbers can be changed at any time before launch without fees).
  10. We’ll do a final review of your site and prep it for launch
  11. Final Payment is required before launch. Required and even our parents don’t get a pass here…
  12. We’ll launch the website and make sure everything is awesome with it. Simply stated, it’ll work.
  13. For the next 30 days you or your client can tweak it if you like and you can even do it all day every day if that makes you happy.
  14. We’ll talk about an ongoing support package if you think it makes sense for the site but if not you can always submit a ticket using our support portal.